A Glimpse of History

A Word of Caution

For your ready reference, this piece is to help open your mind to really think of the overall picture of where our world has come from in the past few millennia.

First and foremost, you must decide on what to accept or reject. God, The Creator, gave each human being the freedom to choose to accept, believe, or deny the validity of what he or she hears, reads, or sees. God is the only one that will hold you accountable for your beliefs and for your living in this world.

Human Civilization

I believe that God created the human person only after Satan and his angels rebelled against God and they were restricted to Planet Earth. The Lord then created the human being, Adam as well as Eve, to show Satan that there is grace, and repentance will be acceptable; and will make it possible to reconcile with The Creator and Sustainer of all Creation.

It started with Adam and Eve and their descendants Abel, who was killed by his own brother Cain, Seth, etc, and the next few generations who mostly chose to believe Satan’s lies and went astray. Eventually it came to Noah, who decided to listen to God’s guidance, and live according to it. He was therefore used to save his family and the human race through the Great Universal Flood.

Then, came the period of human unity that led to outright rebellion against God, and the decision to build the tower that reached to heaven, or the Tower of Babel; and God decided to confuse their languages and disperse them all over the Planet.

From that point on, Tribal Mentality began to dominate human motivation that led to power struggles, slavery, wars, killing, and the early empires of the Assyrians ,Babylonians, and Egypt that led and dominated the entire known world at the time; and they lasted for at least a couple millennia based on what the most documented and available written history provide.

However, since the recorded history improved during the last couple of millennia, the struggle for power that usually led to wars, killing, and destruction on a large scale was no longer limited to a certain region of the world. And, as we now learn more about China and India and the constant struggle between them; it becomes very clear that it is only the lack of documented history that allowed (in chronological order) the Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, and so forth to dominate the available history of human civilization.

Then, a new dimension of human understanding came into the world through Moses and The Law for human existence: The relationship between the human creature and The Creator and Sustainer of all Creation; and as a result, the relationship amongst humans in their various societies.

However, as the People Of The Law/Israel chose to neglect it, they paid a price. Moreover, the entire human race also paid the price for not living according to the New Standard that The Creator tried to teach humanity to live by. It was this Law that begun to impact empires from Persia, to Greece, to Rome.

And, when Rome decided to really pursue earthly power and sinful living, God decided it was time to take on human flesh in order to show and teach humanity what it means to live by the standard that God had established from the beginning for Adam and Eve in order to really enjoy the perfect fellowship with their Creator.

Therefore, Christ came to our world, lived and taught what became the standard for the Christian Faith that has been impacting the entire world one person at a time, since the first century A.D.  It is now recognized as having about a third of the world’s population as its followers, while the other four major leading religions: Islaam, Atheism, Hindu, Chinese claim most of the other 2/3rds. Most unfortunately, the Jews and then The Muslims fell for the Jewish religious leaders’ lie that Jesus Christ did not rise again from the grave after they insisted on crucifying him due to their rebellion.

The world continued to be dominated by this tribal mentality until the United States of America became well known during the last two centuries. However, it was during the administration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower when the entire world could not but see clearly the difference in mentality and the commitment to help other nations, including those who lost the Great War, achieve a better future; this was then reconfirmed in the 1970s under Presidents Richard Nixon (with China) and Ronald Regan (with the Soviet Union) in the 1980s.

President Eisenhower, the one who led the western world in WWII, who defeated Germany and Japan showed the most unprecedented commitment to helping the defeated recover from the disaster like never before in the entire history of human civilization on this Planet. He set an example for the entire world to seriously consider for the future.

The Present Situation / A Concise Picture
In general, our world is so much better than it had ever been throughout the
previous millennia of human existence on this planet. Much progress has been
achieved during the last couple of centuries; especially after the establishment of
the United Nations in terms of communications, education, human comprehension,
and the standard of living for a sizeable portion of the entire world population.

However, the whole world continues to suffer from the evil of the desire to control at the expense of others; which is the essence of what I would like to address from this point on. Most unfortunately, those who do it claim to do it for the benefit of many others.

The best illustration of the above is Government Bureaucracy in almost every country.

Another way to describe it is: When the supposedly Servant Leaders choose to
act as the Masters. This is the essence of the obstacle that stands in the way to
genuine and continuing progress towards a better world.

However, none of us are totally innocent of the abuse of position or power.
In fact, the original sin that Eve and Adam committed was simply when they believed Satan’s lie that they can be like God knowing good and evil when they ate from the only Tree that God had clearly told them not to eat from. is not this the temptation that every human suffers from? We want to be in control; and we have the natural inclination to abuse it to the detriment of others; even within the immediate family.

What Does a Better Future Look Like?

This is what I hope to give you a glimpse of in the following section.

Please, do not expect easy or quick solutions! Change for the better never comes easily.

And, it all starts with all of us.

Everyone who can read and understand the above and the following must choose
to start with her or himself believing that major change happens one little bit at a
time, and the sum total will add up to what we all claim to desire and hope for.

Moreover, it is the sincere personal commitment to continue to learn and then try to do better no matter what others choose to do or not do that will make the real difference in achieving the better future.

This is how the majority will succeed in achieving the American Miracle that has
more positively impacted the whole world during the last century than all other
nations ,including all the empires, combined and throughout human existence on
Planet Earth.

Some Ideas and Highlights
The two most important principles are this:

  • To believe and teach we start with ourselves.
  • To Live and teach by example, always yearning to improve.

When some people have committed to the above, others will see and follow the
example when they genuinely desire to improve their own, their families, and their
community’s lives.


So! What does it mean to you that you are a citizen of the USA?
Most, unfortunately, a large majority -I really hope I am wrong here- do not give it
a second thought. For me, it has always meant so much, and I can never do enough
for this country of ours.
Please, take time to think about this subject, and make a serious decision to keep
well-informed about what is going on in the culture, and in government at all levels
so you can vote for the right people (in elected positions), and do not be shy about
expressing your desires to see improvement in areas of concern in whichever way
you feel led to.

It is a necessity. No country or society can really prosper without a capable
government from the people, by the people, and for the people. This is so critical
for the proper functioning of the government in order to maintain proper order and the needed stable environment for continuous growth and improvement for ALL the people in the Locality, State, country, region, and the world.

Those who are managing the governmental functions -no matter the level or the
position- MUST continue to think about being efficient, fair to all, and productive.

It is also imperative for the government to think of how to use the non-profit sector as a real partner in serving the people in whichever manner that enhances the
effectiveness and productivity of the entire society.

Government really needs to focus on what no other entity can do for society, and
try to delegate to others everything else that can be accomplished by the private
sector; so that it can live within its means with little waste of resources.

Even at my age, the day I stop learning something new I would rather be dead.
Every living human being needs to keep learning something that will improve life
on this earth; especially in our day and age when there is something happening in
every area of our existence and all over the world almost every moment.

It was because the world was not advised of the COVID 19 Virus early enough by
the Chinese that the world suffered a lot more pain and death than it should/could
have if it were informed about it right from the start and worked cooperatively.

Live and learn should be the motto of every human. This is fundamental for any
improvement in the future.

Life is real, and no one really knows the full impact of her/his life (both negative
and positive) on others as long as we live on this earth. Therefore, it is how one
lives every waking moment of every day: What one thinks, expresses, or acts will
certainly impact others. Let us become more sensitive to each of these areas of our
lives; so that we may be positive contributors to a better future as best we can.

Without this fundamental attitude in me and you, nothing good will happen. If the
other person is not ahead of self and its worldly desires and wants; there will be
very little hope for a better future. Self-interest will lead to conflict with others who
have the same driving force within.

Please, do not overlook the fundamental law that will yield mutual benefit when
one puts others ahead of self. The caring attitude is very contagious; especially
when a significant minority lives it every day.

Concluding Note

My hope is that the above gives you a lot to think about and that you try to really
comprehend the essence of it; so that you make the personal commitment to join
many others that will then help achieve the gradual improvement in the days,
months, years, and decades ahead.

Our children and grandchildren will certainly then be able to look back and see the
a clear way for a continuingly improved future for ALL.

This is my belief, hope, and prayer!