This morning, I felt prompted by The Holy Spirit to start writing this as a possible short book/let to communicate what The Lord has been putting on my mind for years. May these words help improve HIS creation in the years ahead!


This was prompted by the recent experience that the entire world has been living through -The COVID 19 Endemic- during the early months of 2020; and that has already claimed over one million lives, as best we know.


The author is in his early/mid eighties, and has been very blessed to have been born and raised in Syria; and has experienced life in every major culture all over the world during the last 60 years.

The main reason for this book/let is to share some ideas that were developed as a result of the various experiences and observations during the last few decades of life and living on this Planet Earth.

My FUNDAMENTAL conviction is this: Every human who can read this and think for her/him-self needs to give their best in order to really maintain and improve our world/God’s creation as little trustees, just as God created the human person to be from the beginning of time.