Welcome to All Better Future.

Our Challenge,

Is to maintain a MUTUAL RESPECT for every person no matter whether we agree or disagree on certain aspects of life and the manner one thinks and lives. Any meaningful dialogue that would lead to improving all life on planet earth in the future must allow every view to be expressed. The only condition is that it must consider that others have the same right to express themselves with mutual respect and a positive outlook for all.

Let's Communicate

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    The Fundamentals

    Our Attitudes :

      • Keep an open mind, think intelligently and neutrally.
      • Maintain an attitude of caring love for the other person.
      • Be thoughtful and considerate in what and how you communicate.

    Our Beliefs:

    There only two kinds of beliefs since human civilization started on this earth:

    • Belief in ONE GOD, The Creator of Life and everything else we humans can grasp.
    • You are your own god, and you end up manipulating as you choose.

    Do not overlook your own accountability at one point. You do not hold all the keys, and death is very certain.

    Understanding, Vision, and Wisdom

    These words describe where you are in your life; because they come with experiencing life and what one learns in the process, and how one applies such to his or her daily living.

    The Essence of This Effort

    The founder and current members of Nature Restorer Foundation (NRF) have a sense of responsibility to other humans all over the world to help lead this dialogue in the hope that many will contribute positively to improving life for all in the coming years, and in every community and country.

    Please, consider joining us, the member-owners of NRF. We hope to use the regular and sacrificial giving to NRF in a very intelligent manner that will be fully used.

    Let’s dialogue and explore the best way we can work together beginning as soon as possible and into the future.


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