The following is just a very short glimpse for your contemplation as you think about the substance of these ideas, and the authenticity of both the historical as well as global perspective.

Victor Bitar was born and raised in Idlib, Syria; and had been exposed to the French rule over Syria, to Irish missionaries, and the various military intervention and domination of the country for most of the couple plus decades he lived there.

He experienced persecution as a Christian in a very Sunni Muslim environment, yet he and his family had many Muslim friends too. His great grandfather had established a Christian School in the community in the 1860s, right inside their own home. In 1951 the school was closed down due to a government decree and its Christian ties within a Muslim-Dominant area.

Victor finished his Syrian Baccalaureate in 1958, College in 1968, and MBA in May 1969 at UOM, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

He was born knowing Arabic as his mother tongue, learned French between ages 4 & 10, then learned English at age 10. Victor studied German in College, and tried to learn Spanish and Chinese on his own.

He left Syria for Kuwait in early November of 1961, starting college in Michigan in September of 1964, and became an official US Citizen in March 1971.

He was in Executive Positions with Chase Manhattan Bank from 1969 to 1973, Dana Corp in the 70’s, and self-employed in his own ventures since 1977; he had clients across the globe, and managed the processes of millions of dollars to date.

Victor lived most of his life in Syria and the US, but has resided in Kuwait, Nigeria, and Hong Kong, and regularly traveled internationally, an executive to every major country on every continent several times.